Stone Soup Consulting is a certified B Corporation, a great opportunity and a stimulating challenge for our whole community. It offers all of our members the chance to reinforce our engagement in a continuous collective effort to set and implement improvement goals to meet higher social and environmental performance standards. In 2018 and 2019, this vocation of improvement, working standards and engagement with our clients - among others - have been recognized by B Lab who has named Stone Soup as one of the Best B Corps for the World in the Customers category.  

Social impact has been probably the most important ingredient for Stone Soup, and that is why we understand that being a B Corp is not a mere certification, but a process of continuous improvement at all levels of the company. A social purpose is integrated into Stone Soup’s core business since its foundation, and that is why we seek to constantly innovate to maximize our impact on people, communities and the environment, and we promote ethics, best practices and collective intelligence to accelerate social transformation toward a better world.

The Change We Seek®

Stone Soup’s primary goal is to strengthen the social impact of initiatives and organisations. We believe that more value can be generated by social initiatives if there is a clear commitment to result monitoring and impact evaluation. If market rules and corporate management are applied with the right experience and efficiency; and if successful social solutions are scaled up to benefit a larger number of people.

In the future, we seek to be able to better correlate our action with improved organisational performance, effectiveness and impact on societies. This is why Stone Soup is committed to carry on pushing the understanding of its own impact and using these learnings to improve the way it works.


Why did we become a B Corp?

Stone Soup's interest in becoming a B Corp came as a natural step in our development. As a socially oriented business since our foundation, we are committed to increasing our impact on people and the environment through promoting the sharing and learning from best practices, through constant innovation, collaboration and ethics.

As we expand, we want to further our effort to understand our own impact and to integrate learnings in the improvement of our work and to increase our accountability and transparency (see our Honesty Report here). To accomplish this goal, we know we can only succeed if we engage in a broader collective effort and especially together with those that share our vision and values and whose experience can be of inspiration and stimulus to our continuous improvement.

That is why B Corp mature certification system and global movement offer Stone Soup a unique opportunity to accelerate our learning and development and to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement in achieving a higher level of social and environmental purpose.

Community Graphic

Why is it important for us to join this movement and why should our clients care?

As a certified B Corp, Stone Soup’s commitment and effort to improve its social and environmental performance, public transparency and accountability are verified by a rigorous process and internationally renowned entity.

Being a member of the B Corp community gives us access to best practices across different fields, which enables us to constantly learn from other B Corps. And because Stone Soup will re-certify every two years, it will help make developments that will be good as well for society.

Besides, as part of the B Corp global movement, Stone Soup becomes part of a community of like-minded business leaders, is inspired by the example set by other certified companies and has access to a powerful platform for shaping the practice of our consultancy industry.