The Grantee Experience and Insight Review, or GEIR, is a unique global enterprise dedicated to bolstering the impact and success of foundations around the world.  The GEIR is grounded upon the conviction that foundation effectiveness is greatly bolstered by relationships of openness, trust, and mutual accountability on the part of foundations and their grantees.

The GEIR helps to enable such relationships by allowing grantees to provide confidential feedback on their financial supporters.

Ø  Through a PRACTICE component, grantees provide candid feedback on how they experience the grantmaking process, including proposal and reporting requirements, communications, and more.

Ø  Through a VALUES component, grantees shine a spotlight on a grantmaker’s values, checking them against their own experience.

The GEIR’s data-gathering methodology—unique in the domain of grantee feedback evaluation protocols—is one-on-one interviews conducted by experienced professionals with strong cultural competency within local contexts. This distinctive approach allows grantees to share their stories, experiences and insights in a way that on-line surveying simply don’t allow.

On its own or as part of a broader evaluation program, the GEIR delivers evidence-based, actionable insights to improve foundation practice and boost effectiveness and impact.

You can find more information on our webinar "The GEIR Evaluation Protocol"

The GEIR is managed in Portugal, Spain and France by Stone Soup Consulting. For more information on the GEIR, visit or contact Stone Soup Consulting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..