You can download it here.

The Portugal Impact Group, of which Stone Soup Consulting is a member, joined again the effort of Inspiring Impact in the United Kingdom, and made The "Funders’ Principles and Drivers of Good Impact Practice" available to the Portuguese speaking world, after the recent launch of "The Code of Good Impact Practice".

This document has been informed by the Funders for Impact Working Group and facilitated by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) on behalf of Inspiring Impact.

It is intended to help funders think about how they can improve their own impact practice and support the impact practices of their grantees and investees. The role of funders in shaping behaviour around impact practice is considered critical as their approach to impact, and their financial and non-financial support, strongly influences practice.

This framework offers practical and useful guidance for funders, irrespective of the scale or scope of operations, as set out in “The Code of Good Impact Practice”. This document is also in line with “Linhas de Orientação para Investidores e Financiadores Socialmente Responsáveis” prepared by GRAIS.

The translation of the "Funders’ Principles and Drivers of Good Impact Practice" to Portuguese was possible thanks to the Portugal Impact Group, which brings together key stakeholders from the NGO sector, public sector, private sector and academia to support the development of the social impact agenda in Portugal.

The Portugal Impact Group includes members from organizations such as ADENORMA, Águas de Portugal, ARCIL, Associação Construir sobre a Rocha, Core, Ethical, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação EDP, Fundação PT, IES-SBS, Operação Nariz Vermelho, Sector 3, Sustentare, TESE and WACT, as well as the Steering Committee members, Stone Soup Consulting, OIKOS and Social Data Lab, and professionals such as Mariana Branco.

The "Funders’ Principles and Drivers of Good Impact Practice" in Portuguese can be downloaded here.