When : June 29th - 2pm BST

What if communications were a strategic tool to deliver effective social impact and helped make possible our Theory of Change? What if a new paradigm of communications was radically affecting the way we interact and engage with our stakeholders? What if there were some good examples of organisations that are already succesfully delivering their Theory of Change through impactful communications? We invite you to spend one hour of your time learning and discussing about all of this and much more with Sonia Ruiz, CEO of NOIMA Meaningful Communications, at the webinar “Communicating for Impact: Strategies for Effective Organisations”.

“We are currently living a change of era rather than an era of changes. This webinar is about how the new paradigm of communications is affecting the way we should be doing things. It’s about delivering compelling value propositions through effective communication tools and creating new ways of engaging with our stakeholders that will support our Theory of Change”, Sonia Ruiz.

This webinar is aimed at anybody working in a social organisation that is committed to bringing its Theory of Change to reality such as nonprofits, corporations, entrepreneurs or institutions with a social purpose. The goal of this open and free webinar is to help you deliver your Theory of Change through impactful communications.  


Sonia Ruiz is the founder of NOIMA, Meaningful Communications a sustainability and social communications consultancy based in Barcelona that works with communication leaders and change makers around the world. Amongst others, NOIMA has collaborated with Greenpeace, the International Water Association (IWA), Unilever, Vodafone, and several international and local organisations in the field of climate change, human rights, sustainability innovation and social inclusion. Prior to NOIMA, Sonia specialized in marketing communications, project management, CSR and Sustainability managerial roles in major corporate and non- profit environments (such as the Spanish Embassy in Greece, S&B Minerals, Athens Olympic Games and Greenpeace). She is also a lecturer and senior researcher at the ESADE Business School of Barcelona on communication, engagement and sustainability innovation.