Stone Soup Consulting at the #BGoodDay in Barcelona

“This world doesn't lack intelligence, or science, nor even technology. This world lacks more humanity." 

These words were uttered by Joan Malé, founder of “Taller de Conciencia” and member of Triodos Bank’s advisory board. With a keen speech, he opened the #BGoodDay held in Barcelona on June 28th, an event promoted by 30 companies that founded the B Corp movement in Spain. We, Marian Torres and Rosa Ricucci from Stone Soup Consulting, were there amongst hundreds of participants, and we would like to share some reflections on this experience.

B Corp is both a certification and a global community that redefines “success in business”: Benefit Corporations voluntarily agree to meet high social and environmental standards, following a rigorous method to assess the entire company’s operation and measure the impact of different business areas including governance, human resources, relationships with the community and environmental practices. The movement originally started in the USand arrived in Spain just two years ago, with Alma Natura as the first certified company. Indeed, the #BGoodDay event was an occasion to officially launch B Corp Spain as a local sound community.

It was a really interesting opportunity for us to reflect upon the role of businesses in contributing to sustainable development, and we have been truly inspired by a mix of “benefiting” ingredients.

Inspiring People…

More than 300 professionals attended the event: entrepreneurs, consultants, scholars, social workers, philanthropists. Changemakers who decided to invest their talents and knowledge in pursuing the common good. Starting from their own communities, they are positively transforming the world around us with dedication and hard work. These inspiring people are part of a growing collective movement that is making a positive future possible: action creates change or, to quote Joan Malé, “when one begins to act, utopia ceases to exist".

Inspiring Companies…

New times are bringing great challenges, and businesses are now able to exponentially do better and mark a new historical era. This is the essence of the B Corp movement: ethical companies that compete to be the best "for" the world.

It was very exciting for us to hear the insightful stories of such committed businesses, regardless of their size and sector: companies that are increasingly promoting collective intelligence, best practices sharing and social development, such as Cuento de Luz, a children's book publishing company that in just four years has turned a dream into reality, winning several awards for its social and environmental engagement. Or Alma Natura, a company that contributes to the economic re-launching and community revitalization of rural regions, preventing its population from moving to urban areas. And even large businesses such as Veritas, a major retail company for organic and ecological products in Spain and the first B Corp certified retail in Europe.

Inspiring Social Impact…

Social impact has been probably the most inspiring ingredient for us, as we deeply understood that being a B Corp is not a mere certification, but a process of continuous improvement at all levels of the company. The social purpose is integrated into B Corps’ core business: these companies constantly innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, local communities and the environment, and they do it so with high levels of transparency and accountability.

The #BGoodDay itself made a concrete contribution to benefit the local community too, since 5€ of each entry fee have been invested to support the Educo project "becas comedores" that will allow 10 children in Spain to have a daily full meal for a month this summer.

Our participation in the event falls at a meaningful moment for Stone Soup Consulting, as we are undertaking the B Impact Assessment. This process measures the company's social and environmental performance and represents the first step towards the B Corp certification. This is indeed a great opportunity and a stimulating challenge for the whole Stone Soup community. It offers all of its members the chance to reinforce our engagement in a continuous collective effort to set and implement improvement goals.

Let us all bring our own unique ingredients for a more impacting Stone Soup Consulting.