A social business plan can help identify your project's strong and weak points. It can prioritise actions, show its competitive advantage and analyse the profile of your desired client/ customer.   

A social business plan can help you reflect on new products and services and how much you can charge for them
It will help you take decisions in an objective, strategic and coherent way.

Stone Soup can support you in the process of building your plan. Do you want to know how?

  • We develop your business plan and its model
  • We understand the trends of hybrid models
  • We know the best and most socially impactful models
  • We bring innovation to your model
  • We incorporate business models and plans in the overall financial sustainability strategy


For many reasons! 

1. We have mentored social businesses to consolidate or scale up their projects
2. We have elaborated business plans for social businesses initiatives
3. We can screen your business and support you in finding impact investors
4. We can help you understand and measure the social impact of your business

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