An overview of the seven year partnership project with the European Investment Bank Institute by Sophie Robin, co-founding partner, Stone Soup Consulting

Stone Soup Consulting has had the pleasure to collaborate with the European Investment Bank Institute for more than seven years now, ever since the Social Innovation Tournament (SIT) – a European wide contest awarding the best and most impactful innovations in Europe was established. During the first few years, Sophie Robin was a member of the Jury and acted as the President on various occasions. In order to allow for a healthy turnover of jury members, Sophie Robin offered to step down from her jury duties after five successful and effective years services.  

Stone Soup Consulting was then invited to participate in the pre-selection process of the following edition (2018). Sophie Robin and Maria Raurell reviewed more than 300 projects, and participated in the pre-selection of the fifteen finalists for that year's edition (check out this video with the winners). 

In the following years, Stone Soup Consulting contributed to advise the EIBI on a program aiming at strengthening the capacity of the SIT Alumni to measure and manage their impact. Part of this process was the implementation of a needs assessment workshop in Denmark at the end of 2018, followed-up by the implementation of an on-line self-assessment based on a customised version of the Social Value Self-Assessment tool (with the active collaboration of Social Value International).

Working with the great professionals at the EIBI the likes of Luisa Ferreira and Uli Grabenwarter has been a truly rewarding experience for the Stone Soup team!