Stone Soup Academy is offering an Agile Methodology for Social Impact workshop this Autumn, hosted by our consultant Daniel Manitsky. Read his blog post below on the methodology and why it is of benefit to the social sector. 


As the world becomes more interconnected, we in the social and environmental sectors are being asked to take on ever more ambitious efforts. We are facing demands to innovate faster, work more seamlessly with other organizations, and tackle increasingly complex problems.

These new demands have created new management and leadership challenges. We find some of the most vexing of these challenges include:

  • How to manage projects that involve partners with complimentary but nonetheless different missions, values, and priorities;


  • How to create system-level impacts even when your organization is a small part of that system;


  • How to measure success, report to donors, and control for first on projects that are so complex you can only figure out the way forward through trial and error.

Traditional methods for designing, managing, and measuring success on projects increasingly cannot stand up to these challenges. In fact, many traditional project management tools might actually be counterproductive when success is dependent on rapid learning, innovation, and coordination among many actors.

Agile is a set of tools and practices created to help manage complex and innovative initiatives. It is a methodology that helps program managers and organizational leaders catalyze and coordinate innovation, learning and action across the key stakeholders working on a project.

Our training on Agile project management tools help managers and leaders tackle the increased demands being placed on them and their organizations. It presents a set of proven concepts and practices that will allow you to align and inspire the various stakeholders you need to work with, and, together,  achieve system-level impacts more quickly.

Want to know more? Express your interest in this workshop, write an email to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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