To discover new possibilities and synergies between the entrepreneurial mindset, employment and artistic principles, the ArtE program was launched on the 27th of November 2019. This program is a development initiative of the JobAct approach, implemented by the lead partner, Projektfabrik based in Germany and it has been running for over 13 years now.

The basic concept of JobAct® theatre methodology - is that it addresses disadvantaged people and fosters their social inclusion with a combination of theatrical education and social work. By and through their theatrical work, participants acquire competences in communication and interaction, as well as personal and social skills, underpinned by creative theatre approaches to boost their self-confidence. JobAct® projects are actually taking place on stage. The sense of achievement by developing a successful stage play, leads to a long lasting trust in one's own capacity.

The full list of project partners are: from Germany (PROJEKTFABRIK and SOZIALFORSCHUNGSSTELLE Sfs), Italy (VIVAIO and PATCHANKA), Spain (UPSOCIAL) and Portugal (STONE SOUP) with special expertise (art, social work, entrepreneurship training, research, evaluation, dissemination) are involved in this program where at least 5 pilot projects will be implemented. This iteration of the project aims to establish this innovative approach to tackle Mediterranean Europe’s youth unemployment crisis with social art, combining classical fields of social work and entrepreneurship training with creative techniques from theatre and acting. Other outputs include a project diary and an intellectual output on the mindset of an entrepreneur; many creative possibilities will be explored.

In Portugal, Stone Soup Consulting has partnered with the arts organisation Espaco t to implement the first pilot project at a country level. Espaço t was founded in 1994 in a social context where the empowerment of people was not a priority and the work with vulnerable groups was very fragile and centred on homogeneous group. Espaço t is an open space, where the richness of its heterogeneity shows a differentiating and inclusive character, that uses Art as an instrument for the development of artistic, personal, social, cultural and training skills.  Espaço t believes that Art is the language of emotions and the unspoken.

To find out more about the programme in action read this associated blog post on the Program Team Training Session in Witten in March 2020 here >>