Are you interested in impact measurement and management? This free webinar is a hands-on experience of two innovative methodologies: the Impact Management Project (IMP) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) operating principles for impact management.

The speakers share their experience working on two case studies with organisations that have used these two different impact measurement methodologies. 

  • From one side, Stone Soup Consulting and the NGO Oxfam Intermon Spain will present their learnings from the IMP based on their experience evaluating the social businesses Acuapez, in Bolivia, and San Pedro in Paraguay. Both projects are supported within a venture philanthropy program called “Enterprises that change lives”. 

  • On the other hand, Better Way and STOA will share their experience on the verification of STOA’s impact management system and its alignment with the Operating Principles for Impact Management issued by IFC.


24th of November 2020 at 2:30 PM CET (1h15')


  • Sophie Chauliac, Stone Soup consultant in results & impact measurement.

  • Elodie Nocquet, founder of Better Way, a business that works with investors and companies to build responsible or impact-oriented approaches, and to measure impacts.

  • Anaïs Mangin, advisor at Oxfam Intermon Spain, an international NGO working to end the injustice of poverty. She works for Enterprises that Change Lives, a venture philanthropy programme that invests in impact driven enterprises in low and middle income countries. 

  • Virginie Vitiello, Responsible for Environment and Social issues at STOA, an impact investor which supports long-term infrastructure and energy projects with high added value in developing countries.

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