Founded in 2008, Stone Soup Consulting is a proactive and forward-thinking consultancy with a social heart. Organised as a network of consultants, our company works with several types of organisations that are interested in boosting their social value.

Acting in partnership rather than in a purely advisory role, Stone Soup Consulting is able to help these organisations maximise their social value. We work through shared processes in strategy creation and implementation that identify possible paths for the organisation’s development and growth.

Our Mission:
Stone Soup Consulting is a socially-driven international company whose mission is to help optimise organisations and initiatives through collective processes of strategy creation and implementation, so that they achieve their greatest possible impact.

Our Vision:

  • At Stone Soup Consulting we believe that efficient organisations will drive more impactful societies.
  • This vision goes hand in hand with our style of work. We promote teamwork, participatory decision-making processes, purpose-driven leadership and trust in our client relationship management, among others.

Our Values:  Our name is inspired by the stone soup legend. At its essence, this legend symbolizes our mission, vision, and especially our values: collaboration, honesty, integrity, inclusion, diversity, innovation, responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the company

In addition, in Stone Soup Consulting we develop our own social responsibility policy. Our priority goal is to strengthen the social impact of the organisations we work with. Besides, Stone Soup Consulting has created a specific fund that supports academic research related to social innovation and bestows the Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation.

Our Code of Ethics

Our consultancy has its own Code of Ethics that describes the company's position and philosophy towards many different aspects of the consultants' daily work such as fair competition, recruitment practices, honest reporting, confidentiality, public responsibility, etc. It has been created by the community itself and serves as an ethical guide to our behaviours and decision-making processes, and establishes guidelines of conduct. In addition, its principles and standards serve as the basis for eventual inquiries and ethical debates and/or dilemmas and reflections concerning our community members’ professional practice. Read about our Code of Ethics in this blog post >>

Conflicts of interest

Stone Soup community members are loyal to Stone Soup's mission and respectful of the agreements and relationship of trust that the company has built with other organizations.

All members of the Stone Soup Community act with transparency when participating in activities related to the company. In cases where there is a potential conflict of interest, before proceeding further, the concerned party submits needed information about the situation to consultation by the Stone Soup Ethics Commission, composed of partners and consultants equally represented, and complemented by a council of external independent experts. 

Ethical decision making

When facing an ethical dilemma, Stone Soup community members follow a multistep process, including: identification and communication to the Stone Soup Ethics Commission; joint analyses and consideration of relevant ethical standards, principles, and laws; generation of potential courses of action; deliberation of risks and benefits; and selection of an objective decision based on the circumstances and welfare of all those involved.

The Stone Soup Ethics Commission oversees internal management of eventualities and supervises the enforcement of the Code. In addition, other community members can also collaborate in enforcing and updating it. The Commission can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.