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Stone Soup Award recognises research on psychosocial development and student engagement to boost educational success

Research carried out with more than 840 students found that the interdependency between stages in personal and social development of students and their school engagement supports results beyond their academic performance - wins the Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation

November 14th 2019 - The potential output of this research to drive the design of innovative tools to enhance children’s performance potential further than from a purely academic point of view has been one of the main reasons to award Nuno Archer de Carvalho the 3rd edition of Stone Soup’s Award on Research in Social Innovation. This year, the prize focused on investigations covering educational models with a positive impact on responsible behaviour.

The winning research, “Psychosocial development and student engagement in school: a study in basic and secondary education” carried out an investigation with 840 students from 3 schools in Lisbon. Through evidence the research demonstrates the interdependency between stages in personal and social development of students and their school engagement, that supports results beyond their academic performance. Among its innovative potential outputs, the author hopes his study will help teachers tailor their educational strategy, and choose what cognitive, affective, and behavioural competencies to prioritize and how to train them according to the relevant psychosocial development stage of their students.

Stone Soup recognises with this award the social innovation in new educational models for a more responsible behaviour presented by Nuno Archer de Carvalho, PhD candidate in Psychology of Education (University of Lisbon). Cláudia Pedra, Stone Soup’s managing partner, underlines the efforts of this award to “look at the school’s mission and reality from different angles in order to strengthen the academic-teaching-industrial paradigm.”

Second in line
Chun-Ting Justin Cheung also made it to the final with the research “Examining productive cross-generational interaction that facilitate positive behavioral changes among children at-risk in the primary school setting”. Stone Soup has also appreciated the great relevance of this research to potentially drive changes in the Hong Kong educational system and really hopes that it will succeed in shaking up the status-quo.

Open webinar - January 28th 2020
Stone Soup Consulting hosts a free open webinar on January 2020 with Nuno Archer de Carvalho and Justin Cheung. Info and registrations.

Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation – 3rd edition
The Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation, which recognizes a research project that identifies strategies and actions linked to social innovation, is part of Stone Soup’s social responsibility policy. The award encourages students and professionals to work in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation and contribute to fostering systemic improvements in innovation theory and practice.

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