COVID-19 has put our organisations through difficult times. You might have had to take urgent and important decisions with a high degree of uncertainty. The current context leads us to think that changes are here to stay and we want to support you the best way we can. Together we can face the challenges ahead.
Stone Soup’s mission is to help optimise organisations and initiatives so that they achieve their greatest possible positive impact. Today our team wants to pay our community back and voluntarily share their knowledge and expertise with social organisations. We want to be useful, practical and efficient in our support, without missing our community touch.
We want to share our Recipes for impact with you.
The past few weeks have shown us an urgent need for support in four specific areas that we would like to focus on: 
1. Rethinking business models
2. Fundraising opportunities
3. Strategic rethinking
4. Communication

What are our Recipes for impact?
Each Recipe will host two online sessions of 1h each taking place in different days during the months of June and July 2020. It will be coordinated by two of our team members specialized in the field of work and host a maximum of 5 organisations who will compulsory attend both sessions.
Stone Soup's community members and participants will speak about the COVID-19 context focusing on the selected theme. It will be an opportunity to learn from others about opportunities and challenges ahead, to share advice and some theme-oriented resources.

How do I register? 
If you’re a social, cultural or environmental organisation and want to join one of our Recipes for impact, please fill in this form. We want to give as many organisations as possible the opportunity to join us, so only one person per organisation can register and only to one of the selected themes. In addition, there will be no selection process. So first come, first served. Be quick and register soon!
Recipes for impact are meant to be optimistic conversations with a human and positive vibe to the situation we are all facing today.
We look forward to meeting you there.

Deadline for registrations June 7th!