Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

By Cláudia Pedra, Managing Partner
Stone Soup Consulting
Editorial of quarterly newsletter 1/4 April 2020

In the last months, we have all been learning about a strangely named virus, which is holding humanity hostage and making us self-isolate and rethink the way we communicate, work and even relate to the people we love. It is not a dystopian novel, nor a figment of our imagination, but the hard reality of a situation for which we were all unprepared to tackle. 

In risk assessment we normally speak of catastrophic level event. Something so negatively impactful that it can destroy an organisation. When we do discuss this, organisations seem reluctant to design detailed mitigation strategies. The reason why? It will never occur. In the matrix of probability versus impact, they always consider that the probability is so low that it is not worth the time spent. Unfortunately COVID-19 has shown us this is not the case. 

Collectively we now have to find solutions for something we never planned, nor imagined, while the consequences are hitting us day by day. Lives loss, people in extremely vulnerable situations, healthcare professionals exhausted, people working remotely without choosing to do so, technological shortcomings, unprecedented mental health challenges. Some sectors are especially hit by the pandemic, and for some start-ups, small companies and NGOs, the pandemic will mean their demise.  As in all crises, inequality is becoming very obvious, with those that are already vulnerable falling into desperate situations, and new people added to the vulnerability ranks every day. And in some cases, their support organisations would succumb also, leaving even more needs unfulfilled. 

As all over the world, at Stone Soup we are still coping as individuals with the stress of being in confinement, isolated from our social interactions, and noticing how different it is to work remotely when you do not have the freedom to walk down the street.

It is now time to not only talk the talk but walk the walk. As a socially conscious and certified B Corp company, Stone Soup has been trying to support its community the best it can. That means looking inside and outward. Guaranteeing that our consultants are supported, and sharing knowledge, experience and resources that can help our community members at the time they need it the most. To make sure we are an added value to you, we really need your input. Tell us how we can support you the best. Help us focus on what really matters and helps. We will answer to the best of our knowledge and capacity. 

And in the midst of such negativity, be inspired by the many wonderful actions that take place daily all over the world. Humanity may be hostage, but our principles and values do not have to be confined with us.

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