Stone Soup Consulting has, since its beginning, developed an ethics and social responsibility policy that led to the creation of a fund that is applied in actions of social interest. In order to identify the most relevant application, Stone Soup created the “Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation”. For the purpose of this application, we define  “social innovation” as new ideas that solve existingsocial, cultural, economic and environmental challenges for the benefit of people and the planet.

The award will recognise research projects already being developed or research project proposals confirmed/approved for development that identify strategies and actions linked to social innovation, either at the local, national or international level. We are looking for research projects that study the trends of the sector, be them in terms of finance, stakeholders, public policies, social impact, support mechanisms and tools, amongst others.

A Stone Soup Consulting, empresa de consultoria focalizada na maximização de impacto social recruta profissionais experientes, oriundos de diversos setores, e que partilhem a visão e valores da empresa, que sejam especializados em avaliação de impacto social. 


This year Stone Soup will offer a new opportunity to researcher in the fields of social innovation and social impact to win the Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation. In the first edition, Ricardo Zozimo set the bar high, winning the award for his research project on Entrepreneurial Learning.
Ricardo Zozimo is currently a Senior Research Associate for the Wave 2 Cities Growth Programme at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, Lancaster University Management School, UK. His research focuses on understanding how entrepreneurs learn and how this impacts on personal and firm performance. To serve as an inspiration to all this year aspiring applicants, Stone Soup interviewed Ricardo and asked him about his own experience.

Clara de Bienassis, Stone Soup Consultant specialized in CSR writes for Diario Responsable about her experience at the Convergences Forum (September 2014): "No existe un monopolio de la acción solidaria"