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Strategic Communications for social change


In Stone Soup we aim to shift the purpose of communication from informing to empowering.  We provide organisations with the opportunity to go a step forward in their communication efforts and multiply the social impact they create.  

How do we do it? Our experience of more than 15 years working in the social international ecosystem gives us the right experience to merge communications and social impact together. We change the perspective of communications, from a mere activity to a tool that can boost your social impact.    

With our deep understanding of outcomes, outputs, and your unique Theory of Change, we can help your organisation to effectively communicate in a compelling and influential way, driving even more meaningful change. 

This can take many forms, such as: 

  • Producing sustainability reports and communicating ESG indicators results. By proving our results, we open the door to improving our decisions and performance.  
  • Designing strategic communications that aim to influence public opinion and policy around social issues, or even behaviours. 
  • Increasing transparency of organisational processes and fostering narratives based in honest reporting. 
  • Including more people in the conversation by producing accessible comms materials 
  • Promoting diversity and providing a loudspeaker for under-represented groups. 
  • Fostering collective intelligence by designing and articulating comms projects that propel, for example, the sharing of good practices. 

With a long expertise in social innovation projects we have a unique approach in the market. Our team of communications experts can help your project to brand its image and position itself. We can also support your organisation with its public accountability, advocacy, fundraising or even volunteer recruitment.  

We can support you in the process, from beginning to end. Whether you are looking for a more strategic approach or in need to implement it, we can help you find the messages, channels or platforms that identify best with you and drive your social impact a step further.

The final result gave us a lot of security, we knew it was a job we could do.

The process offered us a perspective, a work and trust methodology, two essential elements for success.  
Generali, The Human Safety Net España

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We believe that change will only be possible thanks to the power of teamwork. 
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