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Our backbone:
Code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics describes the company’s position towards many different aspects of our work such as  fair competition, recruitment practices, honest reporting, confidentiality, public responsibility, etc.

It has been created by the community itself and serves as an ethical guide to our decision-making processes. It also establishes our guidelines of conduct.

Three people on a mountain

An outsider can dip into the Code and get a view into the soul of Stone Soup. 
An insight into our ethos, philosophy and integrity.

Rowena Hennighan, former Stone Stoup consultant


Ethical decision making

When facing an ethical dilemma or conflict of interest, our community members can approach the Ethics Commission.

This Commission oversees internal management of eventualities and supervises the enforcement of the Code. In addition, other community members can also collaborate in enforcing and updating it.


Are you a supplier with a social mission?

We give preference to suppliers that are driven by a clear social mission or are social businesses. 

If so, read our Supplier’s Code and contact us! 

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