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Meet the community

Our community is composed by more than 60 multidisciplinary professionals located in different countries.  In addition, we may work with external consultants that collaborate with us on specific casesWe all share the common goal of developing initiatives that will lead to a real and sustainable social impact

With a broad international expertise in all sectors, we are active members of the social, cultural and environmental change ecosystem. We have an insider’s knowledge of the problems and understand the potential of organisations and companies devoted to the social, environmental and cultural spheres. 

We’ve also worked remotely since our foundation in 2008. Learn more about our community members by clicking the boxes below.

Stone Soup Organisational Chart

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Stone Soup is a dynamic community of professionals who proactively collaborate in developing initiatives. Our consultants are independent workers, we don’t offer them a full-time or part-time position. 

Open position: Communications Coordinator
Deadline to submit applications June 21st

Our team is composed of independent professionals who feel comfortable in all worlds – public, private and social – and are able to build bridges among sectors. We do not discriminate candidates and encourage all persons to apply to our regular calls for consultants(Read our Diversity and Inclusion Policy here)

20/12/2023: At the moment, we are not accepting new applications to join our community of consultants. If you would like to remain informed about Stone Soup’s news and opportunities, we invite you to stay tuned on LinkedIn and Facebook and sign up for our newsletter

meet the community

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