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Our goal is to drive social change by strengthening the organisations we work with, but also through projects directly designed and implemented by our community.

In the last few years, our team has supported the societal ecosystem through different projects that we believe have strengthened many of its stakeholders. And, most importantly, the organisations driving change in the field. 

All these projects share our firm community focus and partnership work philosophy.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, our community created this pro-bono project to support struggling organisations.

During July 2020, 19 consultants offered  pro-bono sessions for social sector organisations. We discussed what was troubling them, whether that was their business model, fundraising, strategy or communications.

The initiative was open to any social sector organisation, client or not. In total, we had 23 pro-bono sessions with 31 participants from 8 countries. In the evaluation survey of the project, organisations receiving the pro-bono said these sessions were helpful, with the average rating of the sessions 4.5/5.  (Read more here

In partnership with TIIME, Stone Soup co-hosted in 2018 this specialised conference on social impact measurement and management in Barcelona.

This event gathered at ESADE University more than 150 participants from 18 countries, experts joining us from NGO to impact investors and international funders.

It was also a diverse and inclusive event supported by Fundación ONCE that worked with social companies as suppliers. (All about it here)

Plataforma GEOfundos is the first free funding platform that aggregates national and international funding of all types in Portuguese.

Launched in 2016, GEOfundos supported the fundraising of 3.6M € in its first year and reduced the time spent searching for funding from up to 7h to 30 minutes. 

We are one of the nine Portuguese organisations involved in the creation and management of this  major collaboration and innovative project.

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