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We are an international consultancy
with a social heart
And a certified B Corp

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We help organisations and initiatives worldwide to achieve their greatest possible social impact

Our impact on our clients

Two people present the product


Agree we have helped
them increase their
social impact


Would recommend Stone Soup to other organisations


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Recent news

Values are more than good intentions
21 June 2022
Stone Soup presents its Honesty Report 2019-2020. It takes into account a two-year period and aims at...
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Biovilla, a gift for the Stone Soup community
06 June 2022
Biovilla has been a gift to me, an island in the middle of a busy life. I returned home with a clearer...
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Capitaliser les projets de coopération pour améliorer la prise de décisions
30 May 2022
La capitalisation d’expérience de projets de coopération sur la promotion du volontariat comme outil...
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