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Our story

Founded in 2008, Stone Soup Consulting is a proactive and forward-thinking international consultancy with a social heart. A network of consultants and experts that share the same values, and work with different types of organisations interested in boosting their social value.

Acting in partnership, we help these organisations maximise their social value. We work through shared processes in strategy creation and implementation that identify paths for the organisation’s development.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help optimise organisations and initiatives through collective processes of strategy creation and implementation, so that they achieve their greatest possible impact.

Our vision

At Stone Soup Consulting we believe that efficient organisations will drive more impactful societies.

We promote teamwork, purpose-driven leadership and trust with our clients.

We strive for a world where all organisations are impact-driven and are efficient in achieving their impact goals.

Where no one is left behind, and human society able to live within the environmental boundaries of our planet.

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Our values

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