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Social Innovation

The Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation recognises a research project that identifies strategies and actions linked to social innovation.

Our aim with this award is to encourage students and professionals to work in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Also, to contribute to fostering systemic improvements in social justice, both in theory and practice.


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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace

The 2021 edition of the Stone Soup Award will dedicate its 5,000€ fund to support a research project studying diversity and inclusion in the workplace to drive social innovation .

Diversity and inclusion are amongst Stone Soup’s main priorities to realise our vision and mission. We believe that D&I issues should be at the backbone of every organisation. Our experience tells us that diversity and inclusion bring much added value: the richness of having different perspectives to build our critical thinking, the plethora of skills that come from different backgrounds, an increase in creativity and innovation. Researches also state that D&I also help in problem-solving and decision-making; and human resources experts have shown a direct link between D&I and employee engagement, motivation and retention of talent. (You can read more about it in “Diversity and systemic change” by Stone Soup’s managing partner, Cláudia Pedra)

Are you interested in applying to our award or know someone that could be? Please find all the details in the Award’s Regulation below. 


  • Applicants must be post-graduate students or researchers inside organisations that are undertaking a dissertation on issues related to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Applicants from all over the world are invited to apply, providing their research project is carried out in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. 
  • Only individual submissions will be accepted.

The recipient of the award will: 

  • receive a prize money award of 5,000€ 
  • be mentioned in all Stone Soup Consulting communication channels 
  • presented to international media
  • conduct a webinar in English explaining the research to Stone Soup’s broad and international audience

Deadline for applications: November 12th, 2021.

Award winners


This research carried out an investigation with 840 students from 3 schools in Lisbon. It demonstrates the interdependency between stages in personal and social development of students and their school engagement beyond their academic performance.


This research demonstrates that the selection of the performance information that goes into a report isn’t obvious. Depending on what information is selected, a charity can appear effective or ineffective. What matters to charity reporting is a non-obvious decision that can be improved with some codification and guidance.


2012 | Ricardo Zozimo

Ricardo’s research is about how entrepreneurs learn. There is a broad consensus that entrepreneurs learn through experience, his project is about social learning and how entrepreneurs can benefit from paying more attention to what they observe.  

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