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Venture philanthropy & Impact investment


Are you a venture philanthropist or impact investor trying to design an impact investment strategy? Do you want to find the best organisations and entrepreneurs to invest in, and measure the impact of your investments?

Our team of consultants has worked with a wide range of impact investors and social entrepreneurs in many countries, with both funders and grantees, investees or organisations.

We have a co-participative approach and highlight the importance of capacity building; as well as in-depth knowledge of the markets to find the best projects, entrepreneurs, organisations and social businesses for you to invest in.

 We can:

  • Design and develop impact strategies, impact measurement and management frameworks, impact reporting – ESG, impact investing
  • Measure the social impact of investment programmes
  • Create an impact measurement and management system
  • Impact assurance and impact audits
  • Identify strategic alliances with the social, cultural and environmental sectors
  • Capacity building in this field

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Thanks to Stone Soup's support and shared knowledge, we have consolidated the management and measurement system of our Impact Fund, FEIS.
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