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Our network of consultants is composed by more than forty members located worldwide, with a variety of academic backgrounds

They have a broad professional experience in all sectors, with a mix of business skills, community organising and ongoing academic training. They speak multiple languages and have developed personal and professional skills that round their work performance.

In addition, our consultants work comfortably with members of all sectors, and establish bridges among them through flexibility and creativity. Learn more about us here below!

If I had to describe Stone Soup in one word,
it would be Diversity!
Francisco Neves, Consultant


Amanda Rubio
Amanda Rubio

MA in Communication for Social Change and MSc in Medical Anthropology, Amanda supports NGOs and social enterprises in the environmental- and health sector with strategic, participatory and dynamic storytelling.

Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea has a degree in Law and Business, a master in international business, and a master in social innovation. She has experience in communication, marketing and project management in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Andrés Trujillo​
Andrés Trujillo

Andrés has been working in social entrepreneurship for over 9 years. He has worked with several organisations on acceleration and incubation programmes, impact investing and social impact measurement.

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Angelica Schaper Castejón

Urban planner with a master’s degree in Public Management and postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development from the University of Sussex. She currently supports organisations to achieve a positive and transformative social impact.

Arnau Gallard
Arnau Gallard

Arnau is specialized in food & agriculture, PSD, and human rights. He has worked for the World Bank, UNICEF, Plan International, ASG, Venair and ACCIO. He has an MSc in IR (Georgetown University) and an MBA (INSEAD).  

Bernardo Garcia

Bernardo has a PhD in Economics and Business Administration, and MA in Advanced Management. He also has thirty years’ experience in management of non-profit organisations. He focuses on strategy and organisational development, fundraising, and social impact measurement.

Cristina Osoro

Cristina has more than ten years of experience as a social researcher, especially on social impact evaluation. She has mostly worked in the UK’s non-for-profit sector on issues related to sustainability and circular economy.

Daniel Manitsky

Daniel Manitsky has twenty years of experience helping clients use collaborative innovation tools to co-create solutions to complex social challenges. His work spans the public, private and non-profit sectors in thirty countries. 

Eva Martich
Eva Martich

Eva has a PhD in social policy and over 12 years of experience in policy analysis focused on social, health and gender issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and African Portuguese speaking countries. 

Julio Alonso

Julio is graduated in BA, MBA from ESADE and holds several post-graduate studies in Management. He is focused on organisational development, strategic planning, financial sustainability and capacity building.

Jorge Alarcón
Jorge Alarcón

Jorge is a multilingual consultant with solid international experience across impact investing, social impact, sustainable development and development policy. He is driven to deliver impactful solutions for shared prosperity.

Montserrat Corbella

Montserrat is a lawyer with more than ten years of combined work experience in international organisations and the private sector. At Stone Soup, she provides legal advice and supports the development of impact measurement systems.

Pilar Balet

Pilar is specialized in communication strategy for societal change. More than fifteen years experience empowering institutions, social entrepreneurs, corporations, NGO and civic initiatives. 


Ana Gouveia

Passionate about continuous improvement and social change. She is a management consultant since 2005, and focuses on improving operations and finance. Her international experience involves the public, private and third sectors.

Agustina O’Farrell

Agustina has MA in Social Development from LSE and is pursuing a MA in Culture Studies from UCP. She focuses on diversity & inclusion, entrepreneurship, impact investing, philanthropy, culture and development.

Carlota Moura

Carlota holds an MA in Development Studies and has worked for over 8 years in the international development/humanitarian sectors. She focuses on social impact measurement and evaluation, strategic planning and capacity-building.

Cristiano Viegas

Cristiano Viegas has a Degree in Management, a postgraduate degree and a Master in Marketing. He mainly focuses on social impact measurement, strategic planning and creation of social businesses.

Daniel Mendes

Biologist, Daniel is an activist for freedom and for a sustainable world. Focused on social businesses, social impact measurement, communication strategy, human centered design and organisational development.

Francisco Neves

Francisco has worked for eight years as a founder, manager and consultant of impact organisations. His areas of expertise include business models, financial sustainability and impact management. He holds a BSC in Management, and a MSC in Social and Solidarity Economy.

Harriet Gibson

Harriet has a Master’s in Human Rights and over eight years’ experience in the development and humanitarian sectors. She focuses on MEL/IMM, international development, refugee issues and social impact.

Ines Souza
Inês Sousa

Inès has a degree in Business Management and a post-graduate course on Social Program and Project Evaluation from UCP. Has over 20 years of banking experience. She focused on impact investing, financial sustainability and social impact measurement.

Joana Alfaiate

Joana is an expert in human rights, sustainable development, data analysis and advocacy. She is passionate about social change, research-based decision making and climate change mainstreaming. In her free time, she is a martial arts practitioner and enjoys needlework.

Liliana Dias

Liliana holds a double Masters in Psychology & Human Resources management. She is specialised in human resources consultancy, DEIB, internal CSR practices, organizational health & benefits and vulture and vhange management.

Luís Costa

Luis holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering and has specialised in impact evaluation since 2015. His experience as a consultant also includes strategic planning and project selection.

Margarida Teixeira

Margarida holds a Master of Communication for Development from Malmö University. She mainly focuses on feminist participatory approaches to communication for social change.

Maria João Ferreira_photo
Maria João Ferreira

Maria João has a post-graduate in Evaluation of Social Programs and Projects from UCP, and experience in the third sector since 2002. She focuses on social impact evaluation, fundraising and organisational assessment.

Marina Leite

Marina is a management professional with international experience leading teams in financial analysis and business development. She is passionate about creating lasting social change. 

Patrice Santos

Patrice holds various Master’s degrees in political science, international economics, governance and development studies. He focuses on the transformative impact of innovation, strategic planning and project evaluation.

Ricardo Marques

Ricardo is a sociologist with a PhD in Social Sustainability and Development. Consultant in Portugal and Angola, his areas of interest are communication for development, human rights, third sector and impact assessment.

Mariana Chuluc Segre_photo (1)
Mariana Segre

Human rights and CSR specialist, Mariana has worked internationally in Brazil, Europe and Africa. She is focused on social impact management and measurement, project evaluation and CSR strategy and reporting.

Sónia Ribeiro

Sónia is a project manager and consultant specialised in strategy and strategic design for companies and institutions, internal organisation and proceedings. She also mentors entrepreneurs and coordinates acceleration programs.


Alicia Cabero
Since 2007 Alicia works on gender, environment and health issues. Now she works as and independent consultant on M&E mechanisms, program/grant management and coordination, design of new interventions, etc. She is very curious and always ready for new challenges. 
Carol Solórzano Canales
Carol has more than 8 years of experience with CSOs in Latin America and France. With a focus on Sustainable Development and youth empowerment, she currently works in communications and project management, systematization, and evaluation.
Sophie Chauliac

Sophie has a Master’s in Business Management and is specialized in financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in Latin America. She focuses on project evaluation and impact measurement for development banks and NGOs. She’s also a journalist.



Yagmur Uygarkizi

Yağmur holds a bachelor’s degree in politics from UCL (University College London) and an MA in political philosophy from the University of Warwick. She has international academic and professional experience and extensive knowledge of women’s political organisation.

Inès Mazas

Inès has supported more than 200 social enterprises and NGOs principally in Latin America, through training, mentoring and consulting. She is specialized in Impact Measurement and Management, M&E and Mindful Leadership. 

Inji Elabd
Inji Elabd

Inji is an evaluator focusing on social enterprise, livelihoods, and economic inclusion. She is passionate about participatory research, complex portfolio evaluations and ecosystem mapping. She also believes in the power of art for social change. 



Michele Dimastrogiovanni

Michele is a multilingual researcher specialised in Monitoring & Evaluation. He holds an MSc in International Development and has worked in policy and advocacy to improve livelihood conditions across Africa and Latin America.

Peter Irungu
Peter Irungu

Peter has more than 20 years’ experience in institutional strategy development, and project management. He is a prolific trainer and facilitator across diverse development and social justice sectors and is passionate about human rights, equality and inclusion.

United Kingdom


Stella Gonzales Alfonso

Multidisciplinary researcher interested in sustainable tourism development, environmental education, and remote work practices. Most of her work experience involves sharing knowledge through consultancy reports, scientific conferences, blogs, and environmental education programs.

Leonora Buckland

Dr. Leonora Buckland specialises in gender, social entrepreneurship, impact investing and impact management. She ran a venture philanthropy foundation and has managed a variety of large-scale research/consulting projects.

Adiane Mitidiero

Adiane has a Master’s in International Law and a Master’s in Business. She has 20 years of professional experience in a variety of sectors, functions (mainly, project management, training, and digital marketing), and countries.

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