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Honesty Report 2019-2020

Social ecosystem

Stone soup cares about the whole social economy ecosystem we are part of and contributing to. We aim to give back by inspiring others based on what we have learnt over the years, by contributing to consolidate some essential parts of the ecosystem and by co-creating new answers to today’s challenges with like minded organisations.

We contribute to the social ecosystem in different ways, mostly through writing articles, co-developing umbrella organisations such as EsImpact in Spain, awarding a grant to research linked to social innovation and actively participating in key events.

Honesty Report: social ecosystem

Community support

In 2019-20, the partners, consultants, and employees dedicated 462 hours for volunteer, community service or pro bono time. 

During the pandemic, we also created the Recipes for impact programme that supported 31 professionals from 27 organisations in 8 countries with pro bono consultancy. Our goal was to help them in their efforts to become more resilient in the context of Covid19. After the programme, their feedback told us that they felt inspired by getting new knowledge and ideas to move forwards, and rated our Recipes for impact pro bono sessions a 4.5 out of 5.

Recipes for impact 2020




NGO professionals










Our participation as speakers is part of our outreach to work on the creation of increased ability to create positive social impact, by reaching different stakeholders in diverse parts of the world. During this two year period we participated in 31 events as speakers/panelists, including the co-organisation of two panels in the 2020 EVPA online event on systemic change. 

We are members of 5 organisations and networks, and in Spain, we have co-led the creation of EsImpact, an association that aims at strengthening the impact ecosystem in the country.


In 2019 and 2020, we carried out 17 in situ trainings and 6 webinars covering many different topics, with a participation of 347 people online and 322 in person. These events aimed to improve the capacity of third sector actors. 

The number of trainings decreased substantially compared to the previous period (80 trainings in 2017/18), with a clear low during the Covid period in 2020.

Nuno Archer

Psychosocial development and student engagement in school: a study in basic and secondary education

Stone Soup Award on research in social innovation

This award is given every two years by Stone Soup and supports academic research in social innovation.

In 2019, the 3rd edition of the Stone Soup Award on research in social innovation was dedicated to support investigation on educational models that have a positive impact on responsible behaviour. 

The award was given to Nuno Archer, for his study on Psychosocial development and student engagement in school: a study in basic and secondary education.

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