Webinar I Collective intelligence for community well-being

OPEN WEBINAR / Collective intelligence for community well-being. The case of a watershed ecosystem.

Stone Soup presents the open and free webinar “Collective intelligence for community well-being. The case of a watershed ecosystem” with Paulo Sanjines Barreiro. Barreiro is the winner of the 5th edition of Stone Soup’s Award on Research in Social Innovation for his academic research Ecosystem governance in the Tropics: A policy analysis and evaluation of collective action in the Atlantic forest of Southern Bahia”.

During the webinar, Paulo will present how the collective action of the Brazilian civil society organisation ASMOBAN, acting within a watershed in the Atlantic forest biome, has improved the lives of those living in t
he Esperança-Condurú ecological-corridor of Southern Bahia, in Brazil.

The region’s poor and peripheral population, which mostly lives in Bairro Novo, is composed of black people and solo mothers, who suffer from the absence of public policies, violation of human rights, suffering from critical societal challenges of food insecurity, water pollution, environmental injustice and lack of income. Since 2012 ASMOBAN addresses these critical societal challenges through social, environmental and economic initiatives. 

In this context, Barreiro will share unique ecosystem governance strategies in terms of collective action led by ASMOBAN, Bairro Novo Neighbours Association, at the watershed level in the tropics.  

“A watershed is an ecosystem unit. People living in it must first see themselves as part of it. This is the first challenge to overcome. Gaining knowledge of the biophysical characteristics of our watershed, its biodiversity, the actions and impacts of stakeholders upstream and downstream from us, all of it is important for us to make better decisions along the way.

Date and time: March 13th, 3.30pm CET

Support material:
Interview: Collective intelligence for well-being in a tropical watershed ecosystem 

Paulo Sanjines Barreiro, winner of the Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation 2023

Paulo holds a masters in science focused on ecosystem markets and governance from Yale Forestry and Environmental Studies. He has ample experience in field research on integrated landscape management for both policy and socio-economical analysis. He is well acquainted with and worked in both public and private sectors; Paulo has managed and monitored large protected areas in Bolivia, coordinated and monitored ecosystem conservation projects in Southern Bahia, where he resides since 2012 and continues to act as both grassroot activist and researcher on climate education and food sovereignity community based projects.

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